Here’s how the new ‘Text Before Tow’ program in San Francisco works

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – That terrible feeling of finding your car towed could be solved by a text message giving you time to move your vehicle.

The SFMTA board member who created the new, “Text Before Tow” program, told KRON4 how it works.

“Basically if you get the text message from the SFMTA saying that your car is going to get towed, come to your car immediately and move it,” Manny Yekutiel said. 

The program is called Text Before Tow. It is now in effect in San Francisco. 

SFMTA Board Director Manny Yekutiel came up with the idea.

“There is really simple online web form where you fill out. You put your license plate. Your cellphone number. Your name,” Yekutiel said. 

There are four different offenses including:

  • 72 hour parking (abandoned vehicles)
  • Blocked driveways
  • Construction zones
  • Temporary no parking for special events and moving trucks

“In 2020, 12,500 people were towed for these reasons. Even if half of them move their cars now because of this program, that’s over 6,000 people who will not get a $600 ticket,” Yekutiel said. 

Once you get the text what happens next? You better be wearing your track shoes. 

According to the SFMTA website, a tow truck will be dispatched with the text message notification and could be there in as few as five minutes.

“You will have some time. They’re not going to specify exactly how much time to come back and move your car. I am really proud of this. This is a quality of life issue. San Francisco is already expensive enough. This way we will be able to provide some relief for people who may have just parked in the wrong place didn’t realize where they parked is a tow-away zone,” Yekutiel said.

For more information on how to sign up, visit the SFMTA website.

from KRON4

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